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Is your website designed for them?

In any new endeavor there is always anticipation, you can’t wait for it to be ready, you anticipate what it looks like and you dream about how great it’s going to be, but then reality hits you right between the eyes and it’s not really as good as you had hoped it would be. And so it is with this blog I first attempted to make it match my Fracica Enterprises, Inc. website but I could never get it to match quite what I had. I friend pulled me aside and told me it was terrible and all wrong. He also told me that my website was all wrong as well and that I should create my website and the blog using the WordPress theme to make the two seamless. From his point of view, he was right, he said that I needed to think about the future that I needed to be designing my website for 2016, and that I needed to think about users who will have thrown away their PCs in favor of tablets, and iPads.

I appreciated his advice and sometimes you just have to blow things up and start over, so this version of the blog no longer matches my website at all. I own a URL that matches the title of this blog and I think I will eventually host this blog on that URL, but for now, it will live off the FEI website but the blog has a different look and a different name. My friend’s words are still echoing around my head, and I will have to make some changes to my corporate website, but I also have to keep in mind the customers that I attract, and that is one of the most important rules in marketing; first, know your customer. If your customer is tech, savvy and he or she is up on the latest gadgets and gizmos then you had better make sure you are leading the pack or your customer will be looking to somebody else for advice.

My customers tend to be HVAC contractors, startups, or entrepreneurs. As a rule, they are not the tech savvy customers. They are rooted in the real world, they generally have brick and mortar businesses, they provide real services to their customers as opposed to digital services, and they are struggling like most businesses to meet customer demand. So, why is that different? I believe it’s different because their needs and expectations are different, they do not live in a high tech world, but some of their customers do; so as a marketing consultant I have to help them bridge the technology gap to help them met the basic expectations of their more technically knowledgeable customers. Many of my customers are still on their first generation website. The fact they have a website was a major step for them, others are pretty far down the road, and they have invested in some technology. Their customers can even schedule a service call on line, or watch a video. This is a big step forward for the HVAC industry and we are making great strides in this area but there is a lot of work for us and our customers left to do before we catch up to other industries.

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