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A couple of days ago I downloaded a new WordPress plugin, that allows you to automatically post an update to your personal Facebook timeline and to a fan page along with doing other things including giving people the ability to like the post and to share it with their friends. If I understand correctly, when you comment on the post it will also post the comment to the person making the comment’s Facebook Timeline as well. The process for setting up the plugin is a little convoluted because you have to create a facebook application to allow it to post to your timeline. Once you figure out that part, Then you have to ask Facebook to  approve your application so that it can work. I have just received my approval and this will be my first posting since Facebook approved my app, so I am very curious to see how this works.

The Facebook plugin gives you lots of cool features including the ability to post comments that facebook users leave about your post on their timeline right in your blog post. You can select either a “Like” or “Recommend” button for your page, some would argue that “Recommend” is more professional than a “Like” button, I would just tell you select the one that you like the best. Either of these buttons will display the number of likes. You can also select to include a send button that allows you or your users the ability to send your blog post to selected people through Facebook using a name, a group name, or an email address. This is one plugin that I recommend you downloading and installing if you have a blog of your own.

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